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Whistle Drop Information

Dear Neighbors,

We have made the decision to post Whistle Drop information on our website for everyone to access, rather than to send out emailed every week. We are reserving emails for major announcements as the Covid-19 situation develops. As we all are aware, directions from local and federal government has been changing daily. It is our promise to each and every one of you that we are going to do our absolute best to provide the safest and most effective access to the necessary provisions to weather this storm.


We ask that everybody please bare with us as we jump into this new system. There are a few things that we would like to explain to each of you:


  • What we have published on our website is exactly what we use as our order guides. We are offering you the same system that our distributors offer to us. This is a guide, it is not an inventory sheet.


  • Every week, we place orders. And, every week, there are things that we order that do not come in. This is common, and will be even more common in these immediate weeks as a result of nation wide excessive purchasing.


Please understand this and remain patient. 


If something that you have ordered does not come in, please order it again on your next  order. We can not keep track of what was missed on every households order, we are counting on you to replace orders for the things you would like.


  • When you place your order, we will put together what we can from your requests. We will then email you back with an invoice of what we are able to send to you. Please pay the invoice online, there will be an option in the emailed invoice. 


You will NOT be charged for something that was ordered that did not come in. 

How do you place your orders???



  2. Include your First and Last name, Your Address, Any Special Instructions to access your doorstep, and Your Phone Number

  3. Indicate if you are NORTH or SOUTH of The Whistlestop

  4. Give us any information needed for more difficult locations - If you suspect that we might have a difficult time finding your home then please let us know and we will arrange for curbside pick up or a meeting place.

  5. Visit the website for order deadlines and full information of our delivery schedule


  • We have a large community of retired neighbors whom are facing greater health risks during this time. PLEASE be considerate and DO NOT go out if you do not have to. 


  • We will be happy to accommodate email orders requesting curbside pick up as well. If you are comfortable and able this may even free up time for us so that we can really take care of our more vulnerable community members. Please send an email and we will coordinated a pick up time (meaning we will put together your order, send you an invoice when it is ready and you can come pick it up once the invoice is taken care of) 


  • As stated before, this is a completely new system that will absolutely have kinks and need adjusting. We can not stress enough that we are asking for your patience. It is going to take us as a community to get on the other end of this together. This is our test, it's now more than ever that we need to be good neighbors. Please exercise compassion and consideration, let us all look out for one another.


  • IF, there is anything that comes up that changes you all will be informed immediately.


  • Please balance your orders and please do not over order. Certain things as we all know are more perishable than others, order so that you have what you need, but so that others may also have a supply.


If you have any questions please email them to we will try and get back to you as soon as possible.


Please excuse and typos or grammatical errors.


ONE LAST THING, we are getting lots of inquiries about the fresh fish list. Right now the fish situation is day to day, the company that we source fish through has just laid off a large number of their employees and they were liquidating all of the fresh fish they had on stock because they do not know what future travel regulations will look like. IF, we can get in the most commonly ordered fish (like salmon, mussels, smoked salmon, amberjack, scallops and shrimp) we will continue to do so. We will make announcements when these things come in and it will be on a first come first serve basis. Once this supply issue changes we will let you know. 


Thank you all for working with us as we navigate this.


We look forward to continuing to serve you and make sure that you have good food, good wine, and good support in the coming days.



  • Each week and we will update all price list on this website. 

  • There is a $25 minimum order +  $5 delivery fee 

  • You must pay the invoice online by credit card before delivery

  • Items will be delivered to your door, there is no need to come out as your order will already be paid for


DELIVERIES ON Thursdays and Saturdays - Delivery South of WhistleStop to through Caesars Head ending at Cliff Ridge (this would include Sherwood Forest, Stones Lake, etc) *Payments must be received before delivery are made

Order Cutoff for Thursday Delivery is MONDAY @ 5pm 

Order Cutoff for Saturday Delivery is THURSDAY @ 5pm

DELIVERIES ON Wednesday and Fridays - Delivery North of WhistleStop to Connestee Falls (would include Connestee, Whiskey Creek, See Off, Rich Mountain, etc.)


Order Cutoff for Wednesday Delivery is SUNDAY @ 5pm

Order Cutoff for Friday Delivery is WEDNESDAY @ 5pm



Your Friends,


Diane and Val, and the rest of our Whistlestop Family.

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