Fresh Bottled




We have begun carrying milk through Farm to Home Milk.  Each week Farm to Home Milk picks up milk direct after bottling. We bring in milk from them the very next morning.


This is as fresh as it gets folks.


We charge a $2.00 per milk bottle (glass only) refundable deposit (automatically credited back to you the day we receive your returned bottles)


"The niche is an old school glass bottle operation where the bottles are returned, washed, sanitized, and re-used each week. This saves money and the environment, not to mention the improved taste of the milk."

We do carry almond milk for dairy free customers.


Our Ice Cream comes from Wholesome Country Creamery The Hostetler family has a herd of approx 80 free range grass-fed cows. Hostetler grows his own feed for the cows, avoiding any GMO crops.

so, he has complete control over what the animals eat.

The half and half and Cream that we carry comes from Mills River Creamery


Whole Milk

2% Milk

Non Fat Milk


Cream (40% fat)

Half & Half

Almond Milk

Oat Milk


Available upon request (Order by Thursday to pick up the following Wednesday):

Raw Milk

Goat Milk

Chocolate Milk


Ice Cream



Black Cherry

Butter Pecan

Chocolate Mint


Strawberry *seasonal

Peach *seasonal