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 Our Story

In 2015, we were living in Los Angeles and had just gotten word that an adorable produce stand in Brevard, North Carolina was looking for new owners. We were both ready to move on from the city we had grown up in and the careers that we had each been in for over 10 years. So we decided to go for it. We quit our careers as a Dental Hygienist and a Chef and headed to North Carolina, sight unseen.

We have just begun our eighth season, and we have to say, moving here and taking on The Whistlestop was the best decision we could have made. We grow the market little by little; introducing new gourmet items, wines from around the world and fun ingredients made by local artisans. We believe strongly in "eating with integrity." As a result, we do tons of product research before we bring in new items, and we stand behind the foods & beverages that we offer. Our love of food and people makes this store a wonderful place to visit, the energy is great, the selection is exciting and the music is always good!  

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